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Of Franco-German origins (with a father from Alsace), I fell in love with the rich history, culture, heritage and  cuisine of the Occitanie region a few years ago. I then worked as an assistant for a vacation rental business. I am originally a landscape architect, but ma passion is now to be an ambassador to the Occitanie region in order to share my discoveries and my experiences with international visitors and expats. I can help you discover our magnificent region and its secrets, and I can also help you navigate the French system when you decide to settle in the Bize-Minervois (Aude) area, in French, in German or in English. 

There are so many things to discover, and so many hidden secrets, that it will be my pleasure to guide you through your adventure. 

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 +33 6 03 79 45 85 ou +49 1575 03 99 125

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